Dance W/M.E.E.

Dance w/M.E.E. a dynamic class that promotes and encourages “Motivation… Energy and Empowerment", the core focus points that are the innate basic fundamental driving forces behind individual accomplishment, self-confidence and success. The class is centered around and built on a foundation of free-style dance with carefully coordinated rhythmic movements that utilize the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic techniques to increase the heart rate and promote caloric burn.

Gym services are availiable

  •    For Active Duty: Personal training, group exercise, equipment orientation and program design.
  •    For Civilians: Equipment orientation and group exercise classes (as space allows).

    *For an appointment, call or speak with an MWR fitness specialist.

Fitness Specialist’s schedule:
Monday & Wednesday: 0745-1715
Tuesday & Thursday: 0445-1415
Friday: 0730-1600

Out of Office: December 5, 6, 7, 8, 23, 26 & 30.